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Articles published in 2017 秦皇岛久高亚机械有限公司

22 December 2017


Mindfulness identified as most effective eHealth treatment for mental health issues in the workplace, allowing employers to alter their approach to employee mental health.

22 December 2017


The re-emergence of a rust disease that can kill wheat is threatening food security. A breakthrough has been announced in the prestigious journal Science. Global collaborators include CSIRO, the US Department of Agriculture and Rothamsted Research.
21 December 2017


Following media coverage of the Broderick report on cultural renewal at residential colleges today, the University of Sydney issued the following information about the methodology.
21 December 2017


A University of Sydney taxonomist has discovered a new species of fish called Navigobius kaguya, after examining two specimens from Japan and the Philippines, which high school students named during a workshop.
21 December 2017


An international team including Associate Professor Tara Murphy has been studying a neutron star collision and found an unusual cocoon of debris, raising doubts about the source of short gamma ray bursts.
21 December 2017


University of Sydney is leading a nationwide clinical trial to investigate a drug which could help stop the progression of motor neurone disease.
20 December 2017


The federal government's new climate policy review proposes loosening the rules on Australia's biggest-emitting companies, such as power generators. Dr Rebecca Pearse explains how it might be a sign of business as usual.
20 December 2017


Since the mid 1970s and especially since the 1980s the job market changed and so did how our wages are set, writes Professor John Buchanan from the University of Sydney Business School.
20 December 2017


Meningococcal is a rare but very serious infection that can lead to blood poisoning and/or brain infection (meningitis), writes Associate Professor Nicholas Wood.
20 December 2017


With the bushfire threat expected to be extreme this summer, Douglas Brown, PhD candidate with the Faculty of Architecture, Design and Planning shares his recommendations for survival.

20 December 2017


A new report reveals Australia ranks in the top tier of national clinical trial activity with more than 10,000 clinical trials conducted between 2006-2015, with cancer the most frequently studied health issue.
20 December 2017


As temperatures start to soar in Australia, our people are leading research on how to protect the vulnerable during heatwaves.
20 December 2017


How do mosquito coils work? Are they dangerous for your health? Medical entomologist Dr Cameron Webb explains.
19 December 2017


Thanks to a $125,000 donation, new scholarships are available to help students in need make their mark on the world.
19 December 2017


Professor Byrne is the only Australian researcher named in international journal Nature's Top 10 academics of 2017 for her work identifying research papers that could mislead researchers working on cancer treatments.
18 December 2017


Professor Carole Cusack from the Department of Studies in Religion explores the distinct variations of Christmas, including the Dutch Sinterklaaas and the European Krampus.
18 December 2017


A Senate committee has recommended an end to sharks culls and nets. According to surveys, the public is on board with the idea of ending policies that are lethal to sharks, write Drs Chris Pepin-Neff and Thomas Wynter.
18 December 2017


Establishing a space agency in Australia is a sensible decision with bipartisan support, writes Anthony Wicht from the US Studies Centre. So how do we get there?
15 December 2017


Twenty-seven Sydney academics have been selected to receive mobility funding to carry out teaching and research projects at Harvard University.
15 December 2017


From squirtable surgical glue to gravitational waves, University of Sydney scientists have been hitting the headlines in 2017.
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